Cheat Sheets

Why I don’t like the Exposure Triangle

The exposure triangle is a very common graphic illustration used to teach people about the 3 most important elements in photography.  No doubt you’ve seen it in various forms all over the internet as you searched for photography tips and tricks. Yes – I have created one for students too (it’s in the free access…

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The Exposure Triangle – Free Cheat Sheet

Exposure Triangle

There are lots of ways to explain the 3 most important factors in taking better photos – it’s a delicate balance between Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO –  and it’s not easy to imprint mentally – it takes time…we’ve got a variety of cheat sheets to illustrate it – if this one grabs you CLICK HERE to…

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Metering Modes Made Simple

metering modes cheat sheet -

You camera’s Metering Modes can be a bit confusing…which one do you choose?? To achieve correct exposure, you camera has to evaluate the light reflecting from what it is seeing.  Your camera has a variety of metering options to fine tune it’s light metering ability depending on the situation at hand. The following information is…

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