Photography Basics in 3 Steps – Part 3

Photography Basics 3 Part Series- Part 3 – Photo Finishing Make sure you’ve read Parts 1 & 2 and then you’ll be ready for the fun stuff! In Part 1 and Part 2 we went through your camera settings, how to use them, getting out and about and experimenting and getting a bit creative and…

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NEWSFLASH-Best Editing Software-FREE!

On1Effects Free

Update May 2016: In February this year On1 released a new version of its super awesome ON1 Effects 10 FREE editing software. Every now and again the guys at onOne Software give the best part of their photo editing suite away for free!!  That’s actually how I came to check it out myself and now it is…

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Photography New Year’s Resolutions

Walking - Camera in Hand in Frame

If you’re going to take better photos this year, you need a plan…New Year’s resolutions for photographers So…I know “New Year’s Resolutions” are corny…but we all have aspirations.  How’s it going so far?? Time slips away doesn’t it…not to mention that it seems like every year it slips by faster than the one before… If…

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The First 4 Steps to Great Photos

Lanscape Composition ~ www.GreatPhotoTutorials.com

There are thousands of articles full of tips and tricks and techniques to guide you to taking better photos, and it can all get very confusing, too technical, and overwhelming.  That’s why I like to break it down to what I believe to be the 4 key points to handle first. Focus on them one at…

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