What to Do on Assignment in the Rain

We’d all like every photo assignment to be totally artistic and creative – just please someone give me a job taking photos of beautiful landscapes all day long….has that ever happened????….NOOO!!!!  Well I love photographing horses in action so this is the next best thing and exciting to watch…and there are always extra opportunities to…

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Great Photos and Great Websites

Willys-Panorama-with info

I love online marketing and so it evolved that I also build websites for friends.  With my experience in photography, photoshop and design, I guess I am the allrounder who can do everything when someone needs a website built – website build, logo design, SEO, wordpress lessons…and of course they get amazing photos…here is one…

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Photographic Philosophy Goes Equine

Inspirational Horse Quote - www.GreatArtPhotos.com

Just in time for the annual four day “Man From Snowy River Festival” which swamps my local town Corryong annually, some extra thoughtfully themed cards and framed prints.  

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5 Galleries in 2 months!

Setting up The Joybus Exhibition

So far, we’ve been able to get stock into five gallery stores around Regional Victoria/New South Wales border area with invitations to exhibit in The Grampians and Kyneton as well… Legends on Hansen ~ Corryong Hay Crafts ~ Corryong The Joybus ~ Barnawatha    

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The Snowy River Hilton

The Front Door of Bradleys Hut ~ Snowy Mountains Australia.The hut was built by stockmen for shelter in the days when cattle could graze on the higher peaks in the summer months. When the Kosciuszko National Park was created cattle grazing was no longer allowed but this hut, and others through the Snowy mountains, still…

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Cultivating Carrots

Wait for it……there’s a series coming!! “~Creative Carrot Quotes~” at the Photographic Philosophy Gallery! Heaps of fun but it’s actually more time consuming than anything else I do because after the standard final photo edit i have to make sure to leave appropriate space for text, find something profound to say that relates to the…

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Reminiscing on Exotic Travels – Photos of Peru

In 2008 – before I decided to get back into photography professionally, I went to an internet marketing seminar in the USA via a two week visit to Peru – seemed like a good idea…was just about flying straight over…sort of.  With my trusty Sony pocket camera I managed to take over 1000 photos, now…

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Inspirational Quotes and Great Art Photos

I have been wanting to create a special gallery of motivational / inspirational posters for a while now…the thing is that I have a huge amount of images that would suit inspiring quotes, but putting it all together  – finding images to match the quotes and visa versa – is time consuming and the added artwork…

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Head for the Coast

There is a little slice of heaven on the south east coast of New South Wales in Australia – bizarre but true – for some strange reason it is still undiscovered by the summer holiday crowds from the city and I should probably not say too much so that it stays that way!!  Where is…

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First Rural Gallery Prints!

Rural Gallery Walwa

Well I must say I am highly impressed with the new Metal Prints.  Printed into the metal, the image looks extremely vibrant and luminous.  They are tough, scratch resistant and ready to hang with a back plate which makes the print ‘float’ on the wall.  I took half a dozen Metal Prints to the local…

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