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Monkeys in Februrary

New Year Photography Goals

It’s already FEBRUARY and you know what that means… For a whole month you’ve been taking lots more photos – you’re committed – …

Walking - Camera in Hand in Frame

Photography New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re going to take better photos this year, you need a plan…New Year’s resolutions for photographers So…I know “New Year’s Resolutions” …

Speed Strap instructions

How to Make a Speed Strap

Now don’t get me wrong – BlackRapid camera straps and accessories are awesome, but if you are not that flush with funds, …

How to Photograph the Moon

  There is always a buzz leading up to a Lunar Eclipse or ‘Blood Moon’ or even a ‘Super Moon’ and as I …

metering modes cheat sheet -

Metering Modes Made Simple

You camera’s Metering Modes can be a bit confusing…which one do you choose?? To achieve correct exposure, you camera has to evaluate …

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