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Seriously fun photo editing, the On1 Effects module is part of the best photo editing software suit on earth.

Update May 2016:

On1 Effects-by-GreatArtPhotosIn February this year On1 released a new version of its super awesome ON1 Effects 10 FREE editing software. Every now and again the guys at onOne Software give the best part of their photo editing suite away for free!!  That's actually how I came to check it out myself and now it is the main editing software I use - it is simply the best!

The workspace is easy to use, the editing options are vast, and fast!...and it is gentle on my images...using layers and not wrecking the pixels to a point I need to fix the image after the edits (like some HDR software does).

ON1 Effects 10 FREE is a fully licensed 'light' version that includes a limited number of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create amazing photos - and honestly - I use Effects more than anything else in the suite!

Their training videos, webinars and support are awesome.  Yes it is available for PC and Mac as a plugin/extension for Lightroom and Photoshop as well as a standalone app.



On1 Effects 10 Free - What you get:

ON1 Effects Options

Now I can't recommend the full suite enough!! It's great value for truely professional editing tools that are far easier to use than Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom - and the full suite does include plugins if that option works best for you and your adobe editing products.

Currently I do use Lightroom (under duress!) due to Apple's Aperture App being discontinued and the reason is only because I shoot in RAW file format and need to be able to do initial edits in that format.  Currently On1 Photo 10 does not do that, but On1 have announced that later this year (2016) they will be releasing their own editor On1 Photo RAW which should make my life somewhat like heaven on earth! (happy dance happy dance).



On1 Photo 10 Features:

Effects 10 Photo 10 options

I do use Photoshop extensively too but only when I am creating graphic work like postcards and photo cards and the occasional GIF...and 'liquifying' people...but otherwise I find that with everything Adobe and On1 Photo 10 can do, On1 just does it better.

250x250A250 x 250 Color

I use the full suite of ON1 Photo 10 for every photo without fail AND I spend most of my editing time in the 'Effects' module - yes - the one they are offering you for free!


~Just get it!~


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