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How to Photograph the Moon

  There is always a buzz leading up to a Lunar Eclipse or ‘Blood Moon’ or even a ‘Super Moon’ and as I am writing this I am preparing to photograph tonight’s Blood Moon ( Oct 2014) so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I use for photographing a full moon. The best shots…
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Perfect Photo Suite 9 banner

Perfect Photo Suite – The Best Photo Editing Software

I’ve been using Perfect Photo Suite for a while now and love it!  I am very keen to get my hands on the new version arriving in October…(2014)  Read their press release below and take a look at it! On September 2, 2014 — onOne Software announced Perfect Photo Suite 9, an updated version of its…
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metering modes cheat sheet -

Metering Modes Made Simple

You camera’s Metering Modes can be a bit confusing…which one do you choose?? To achieve correct exposure, you camera has to evaluate the light reflecting from what it is seeing.  Your camera has a variety of metering options to fine tune it’s light metering ability depending on the situation at hand. The following information is…
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Tip for buying filters

Photo Tip – How to save money on filters

I had a financial decision to make a little while ago when I decided my 3 polarising filters were DEAD – I needed a set of new polarising filters…;-(( At $200 a pop I was a bit overwhelmed – I can buy a whole lens with that!!! Here’s what I did…and it works great!  You…
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REVIEW – Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount

I had the opportunity to review this nifty little gadget a couple of months ago and, well, then the winter rains came, as they do in the Australian High Country, so I waited a while so i could do something in a grand location of which there are plenty here, and waited, and more rain came down,…
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What to Do on Assignment in the Rain

We’d all like every photo assignment to be totally artistic and creative – just please someone give me a job taking photos of beautiful landscapes all day long….has that ever happened????….NOOO!!!!  Well I love photographing horses in action so this is the next best thing and exciting to watch…and there are always extra opportunities to…
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Lighthearted B+W ND Filter Review

I recently treated myself to a brand new and rather expensive B+W Neutral Density filter.  Actually it has been in my camera bag for a few months waiting for a high country nature based adventure to use it.  I have mostly Hoya filters and the B+W sticks out in my camera bag in it’s big…
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Camera Awesome editing app

The Best Camera App Now Available For Android Phones

Camera Awesome is just that…(so is the company that produced it – Smugmug – I have my online gallery on their platform).  After 20 million downloads for iPhone, android users finally get to have it too…I’m on iPhone so I have had the pleasure of using it for a while now and it is awesome.…
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Here’s a Great Christmas List Photography Nuts

Not only is this list  great to pass on to your loved ones as a hint hint….but it is a great list of the best of the best as tested by Popular Photography Magazine.  Page 2 & 29 are on my Christmas list…hint hint… 2013 Pop Awards: The Best Photography Gear of the Year |…
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Willys-Panorama-with info

Great Photos and Great Websites

I love online marketing and so it evolved that I also build websites for friends.  With my experience in photography, photoshop and design, I guess I am the allrounder who can do everything when someone needs a website built – website build, logo design, SEO, wordpress lessons…and of course they get amazing photos…here is one…
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Shoot Legendary Photos – PhotoPills Review

I think this is the photo tip of the year!   ‘PhotoPills’ – I just bought this app and cannot wait to use it – this is the best ever photo tool for landscape photographers. Actually, it would have saved HEAPS of time and driving while trying to plan the last super full moon… Generally…
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Earth Shattering Industry Changes…

  I cannot let go of my beloved full size pro Canon cameras and lenses at this point…but I was flicking through a few of my not too bad iphone photos yesterday, wishing I had bothered to drag out the big camera at those moments for higher quality commercially viable shots ….and I had to ponder again…
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