New Screensaver – and it’s Free!!

Free screensaver download from

 Great Art Photos with Great inspirational Quotes

Another all-nighter….but heaps of fun….heaps….and the first screensaver is built!!

I  finished editing the last of the 12 stunning images, matched them up with inspirational quotes, made some groovy graphics and transitions, and created the screensaver for both mac and pc…with so many high quality images the only thing I have to do now is reduce the size of the thing!!!!  Well…you know…I am trying to keep the highest quality possible…lol…photographers lament…the longing to hold onto the best quality for your viewing pleasure. Anyway…while I work the the reduction…here is a video I recorded of the images.  The screensaver plays images randomly and there is no sound included.

You can get the screensaver HERE

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