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The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory Have you noticed lately the amount of beautiful photos displaying cameras as if they are the ultimate fashion accessory? I love photography, I just love photography. I'm happiest when ...
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Getting Started with On1 Photo RAW

Getting Started with On1 Photo RAW Setting up and using On1 Photo RAW Photo Editor for beginners. On1 Photo RAW 2018 Overview (Update January 2019 - On1 Photo RAW 2019 is now ...
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Before You Shoot – Stop & Check!

Before You Shoot - Stop & Check Everybody does it every now and then…even pros… yes I did it yesterday and have to reschedule a whole photo shoot for a client…doh!…so I thought ...
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Exposure Triangle

Exposure Triangle Free Cheat Sheet

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet The classic illustration of the 3 most important settings in photography   There are lots of ways to explain the 3 most important factors in taking better photos - ...
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Whatis In My Bag - Nicole Vug Photographer

What’s in My Bag?

What's in My Bag - Photography Gear Guide Cameras, lenses, accessories, software, storage & sharing. Find out what I use and recommend, and what I don't...and download the PDF guide! "The right tools ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps ( 3 Part Series )

Photography Basics in 3 Steps ( 3 Part Series ) Want a step by step guide to getting started in photography?  If you are having trouble getting off auto, you'll love this guide ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps – Part 2

Photography Basics 3 Part Series - Part 2 - Taking Action Make sure you've read Part 1 before you move into taking action! If you haven’t read Part 1, do that first because ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps – Part 3

Photography Basics 3 Part Series- Part 3 - Photo Finishing Make sure you've read Parts 1 & 2 and then you'll be ready for the fun stuff! In Part 1 and Part 2 ...
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Monkeys in Februrary

New (ALL) Year Photography Goals

New (ALL) Year Photography Goals It's already FEBRUARY and you know what that means!'s NOVEMBER!!! OMG this is insane...let's do something before the year is gone altogether!!     All year you’ve ...
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Should I put filters on my lenses

Why I Have Filters On My Lenses

Why I have filters on My Lenses So the question arises - again - "why do I need filters on my lenses?"  And as a picture can tell a thousand words... ...well...I'd show ...
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Lithium Battery Issues in Cold Weather

Lithium Battery Issues in Cold Weather Smartphones or rather their lithium ion batteries are downright unreliable in the cold, and with the newer slimmer phones they are worse than ever... but there is ...
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Fern Frond

This is What I like About Photographs

This is What I Love About Photographs There's something magical about taking a great photo.  It's why I want to inspire everyone to take better pictures...not only do you feel really good about ...
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