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Before You Shoot – Stop & Check!

Before You Shoot - Stop & Check Everybody does it every now and then…even pros… yes I did it yesterday and have to reschedule a whole photo shoot for a client…doh!…so I thought it was worth writing about.   One reason everyone fears getting ...
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Exposure Triangle

Exposure Triangle Free Cheat Sheet

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet The classic illustration of the 3 most important settings in photography   There are lots of ways to explain the 3 most important factors in taking better photos - it's a delicate balance between Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO - ...
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Whatis In My Bag - Nicole Vug Photographer

What’s in My Bag?

What's in My Bag - Photography Gear Guide Cameras, lenses, accessories, software, storage & sharing. Find out what I use and recommend, and what I don't...and download the PDF guide! "The right tools is half the job done."   …but the right tools for ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps ( 3 Part Series )

Photography Basics in 3 Steps ( 3 Part Series ) Want a step by step guide to getting started in photography?  If you are having trouble getting off auto, you'll love this guide If you love photography but you’re not confident with your camera, ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps – Part 2

Photography Basics 3 Part Series - Part 2 - Taking Action Make sure you've read Part 1 before you move into taking action! If you haven’t read Part 1, do that first because it’s no fun trying to do this stuff when you have ...
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Photography Basics in 3 Steps – Part 3

Photography Basics 3 Part Series- Part 3 - Photo Finishing Make sure you've read Parts 1 & 2 and then you'll be ready for the fun stuff! In Part 1 and Part 2 we went through your camera settings, how to use them, getting ...
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Monkeys in Februrary

New (ALL) Year Photography Goals

New (ALL) Year Photography Goals It's already FEBRUARY and you know what that means!'s NOVEMBER!!! OMG this is insane...let's do something before the year is gone altogether!!     All year you’ve been taking lots more photos - you're committed - you've been ...
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Should I put filters on my lenses

Why I Have Filters On My Lenses

Why I have filters on My Lenses So the question arises - again - "why do I need filters on my lenses?"  And as a picture can tell a thousand words... ...well...I'd show you a photo just as it happened...if I was thinking straight ...
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Lithium Battery Issues in Cold Weather

Lithium Battery Issues in Cold Weather Smartphones or rather their lithium ion batteries are downright unreliable in the cold, and with the newer slimmer phones they are worse than ever... but there is more: I've been taking a lot of photos with the iPhone ...
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Fern Frond

This is What I like About Photographs

This is What I Love About Photographs There's something magical about taking a great photo.  It's why I want to inspire everyone to take better pictures...not only do you feel really good about share that joy with everyone you share your photos with ...
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Walking - Camera in Hand in Frame

Photography New Year’s Resolutions

Photography New Year's Resolutions If you're going to take better photos this year, you need to plan... So…I know "New Year's Resolutions" are corny...but we all have aspirations.  How’s it going so far?? Time slips away doesn’t it…not to mention that it seems like ...
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Why I don’t like the Exposure Triangle

Why I Don't Like the Exposure Triangle I was always perplexed with the concept that it tried to illustrate, it made everything  more complicated than it is! The exposure triangle is a very common graphic illustration used to teach people about the 3most important elements ...
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Speed Strap instructions

How to Make a Speed Strap

How to Make a SpeedStrap the principle of this type of strap/sling, is to allow the camera to move freely and quickly from your side/hip to your face without tugging at your torso. Now don't get me wrong - BlackRapid camera straps and accessories are ...
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Lanscape Composition ~

The First 4 Steps to Great Photos

The First 4 Steps to Great Photos There are thousands of articles full of tips and tricks and techniques to guide you to taking better photos...and it can get very confusing, too technical, and overwhelming...try this... There are thousands of articles full of tips and ...
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The 12 Apostles Australia -

Rekindle Your Love of Photography – 5 Tips

Rekindle Your Love of Photography - 5 Tips You probably don’t need a better camera, you just need a few tips and some inspiration! Whether you have just invested in a new good quality DSLR or Mirrorless camera or you have had one for some ...
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How to Photograph the Moon

How to Photograph the Moon Full moon, super moon, blood to photograph it!     There is always a buzz leading up to a Lunar Eclipse or 'Blood Moon' or even a 'Super Moon' and as I am writing this I am preparing ...
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metering modes cheat sheet -

Metering Modes Made Simple

Metering Modes Made Simple Your camera's metering modes can be very you know they all mean??   Your camera's metering modes can be a bit confusing...which one do you choose??     To achieve correct exposure, your camera has to evaluate the light ...
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Tip for buying filters

Photo Tip – How to Save Money on Filters

How to Save Money on Filters This is a great tip to help you invest in great quality filters I had a financial decision to make a little while ago when I decided my 3 polarising filters were DEAD - I needed a set ...
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REVIEW – Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount

Review: Veho Muvi X-LAPSE 360 Timelapse action panning needs this nifty little accessory I had the opportunity to review this nifty little gadget a couple of months ago and, well, then the winter rains came, as they do in the Australian High Country, so ...
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What to Do on Assignment in the Rain

We'd all like every photo assignment to be totally artistic and creative - just please someone give me a job taking photos of beautiful landscapes all day long....has that ever happened????....NOOO!!!!  Well I love photographing horses in action so this is the next best ...
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Lighthearted B+W ND Filter Review

I recently treated myself to a brand new and rather expensive B+W Neutral Density filter.  Actually it has been in my camera bag for a few months waiting for a high country nature based adventure to use it.  I have mostly Hoya filters and ...
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Camera Awesome editing app

The Best Camera App Now Available For Android Phones

December 2013 Camera Awesome is just that...(so is the company that produced it - Smugmug - I have my online gallery on their platform).  After 20 million downloads for iPhone, android users finally get to have it too...I'm on iPhone so I have had ...
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Here’s a Great Christmas List Photography Nuts

Not only is this list  great to pass on to your loved ones as a hint hint....but it is a great list of the best of the best as tested by Popular Photography Magazine.  Page 2 & 29 are on my Christmas list...hint hint... ...
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Shoot Legendary Photos – PhotoPills Review

I think this is the photo tip of the year!   'PhotoPills' - I just bought this app and cannot wait to use it - this is the best ever photo tool for landscape photographers. Actually, it would have saved HEAPS of time and ...
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Earth Shattering Industry Changes…

  I cannot let go of my beloved full size pro Canon cameras and lenses at this point...but I was flicking through a few of my not too bad iphone photos yesterday, wishing I had bothered to drag out the big camera at those moments for ...
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Agora Gallery New York

Now this looks good!!

I received an email today from Agora Gallery  located in Chelsea - New York's famous art district, with an invitation to submit a portfolio to review. A lot further away than I had in mind...but I have been thinking that I need to chase ...
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Setting up The Joybus Exhibition

5 Galleries in 2 months!

So far, we've been able to get stock into five gallery stores around Regional Victoria/New South Wales border area with invitations to exhibit in The Grampians and Kyneton as well... Legends on Hansen ~ Corryong Hay Crafts ~ Corryong The Joybus ~ Barnawatha    
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The Snowy River Hilton

The Front Door of Bradleys Hut ~ Snowy Mountains Australia.The hut was built by stockmen for shelter in the days when cattle could graze on the higher peaks in the summer months. When the Kosciuszko National Park was created cattle grazing was no longer ...
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Cultivating Carrots

Wait for it......there's a series coming!! "~Creative Carrot Quotes~" at the Photographic Philosophy Gallery! Heaps of fun but it's actually more time consuming than anything else I do because after the standard final photo edit i have to make sure to leave appropriate space ...
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Reminiscing on Exotic Travels – Photos of Peru

In 2008 - before I decided to get back into photography professionally, I went to an internet marketing seminar in the USA via a two week visit to Peru - seemed like a good idea...was just about flying straight over...sort of.  With my trusty ...
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Inspirational Quotes and Great Art Photos

I have been wanting to create a special gallery of motivational / inspirational posters for a while now...the thing is that I have a huge amount of images that would suit inspiring quotes, but putting it all together  - finding images to match the quotes ...
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Head for the Coast

There is a little slice of heaven on the south east coast of New South Wales in Australia - bizarre but true - for some strange reason it is still undiscovered by the summer holiday crowds from the city and I should probably not ...
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Rural Gallery Walwa

First Rural Gallery Prints!

Well I must say I am highly impressed with the new Metal Prints.  Printed into the metal, the image looks extremely vibrant and luminous.  They are tough, scratch resistant and ready to hang with a back plate which makes the print 'float' on the ...
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