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Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet

The classic illustration of the 3 most important settings in photography


There are lots of ways to explain the 3 most important factors in taking better photos - it's a delicate balance between Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO -  and it's not easy to imprint mentally - it takes time…we've got a variety of cheat sheets to illustrate it - if the exposure triangle cheat sheet grabs you CLICK HERE to get your free login details and download your copy.


Exposure Triangle


Personally I don't think the triangle is the best way to illustrate Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, as it does not explain the relationship between the 3 settings (the law of reciprocity). I recommend reading Why I don't Like the Exposure Triangle


If you are confused - as most people are, I highly recommend looking at Photography Basics for a great value, quick and easy 'get up and running fast' course.


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